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Organisation Development

Our aims around OD are to support individual practitioners, along with assisting organisations to develop their OD workforce, be this people with a specific job role or the increasing number of managers and leaders recognising the value of OD.

The OD network brings together a thriving community of practitioners across Yorkshire and the Humber, encouraging individuals involved with OD to connect, share resources and good practice and work collaboratively on a theme of significance to the NHS. The network arranges a broad programme of events – including workshops and continuing professional development for OD professionals – throughout the year and promotes connections to the national Do-OD Network. We also work with local system leadership teams to support the development of local OD networks aligned to the priorities of the three STP/ICS in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Other activities include an OD Essentials programme for less experienced practitioners or those wanting to understand more about how OD can help their work whatever role they may have. Our OD Consulting Skills for Improvement programme is also open to both OD practitioners and others who are increasingly required to work with an OD approach.

Specifically, for our OD professionals working with increasing complexity we are collaborating with colleagues nationally to provide structured support for Claiming Practice, a portfolio approach to building evidence and experience of working at system level in health and care. We work with our experienced community to develop supervision and mentorship to strengthen practice and draw through the future OD talent we need. 

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