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National Day for staff networks

29 April 2019


Now in its third year, the National Day for Staff Networks is a fantastic opportunity which allows staff networks and their organisations across different sectors in the UK to participate in the nation's (and indeed the world's) only day recognising the added value of staff networks. 


The day to celebrate Staff Networks is Wednesday 08 May, with the theme Leading for Change. 

2018 nhs regional staff networks leaders workshop.jpg

2018 NHS regional staff network leaders' workshop with staff networks from Disability forum, Yorkshire Ambulance Service and West Yorkshire Police. Facilitators on the day, Roger Kline and Rasheed Ogunlaru.

What's involved?

There are three elements to the day:

  • Celebrate: To encourage employers across the region to acknowledge and celebrate how staff networks through their insight, innovation and intelligence, add value and help make constructive use of difference thus improving the corporate health of NHS organisations.
  • Inspire: To call for all staff networks to collaborate in their celebration and, given the ‘intersectionality’ of employees, identify ways how they can work together in the future to inspire and continue to raise awareness and foster inclusion in the workplace.
  • Transform: Influence the conversation about staff networks so that they are business critical and effective mechanisms of voice, innovation and inclusion.

How you can get involved

Celebrate by promoting your own organisations Staff Networks. You can use the free resources below to do this! Please also use the following hashtags whenever you are promoting the day or your staff network activities on twitter;

  • #Makingworkbetter
  • #LeadingforChange

We would also like to support and celebrate your important work. As such, please mention us on twitter at @YHLeadershipOD

Free Resources

Here are some resources you can use - examples below of how to do so. 

senior nurse leader_1.jpg

Image: Senior Nurse leader Community Matron and Mentor pledging support for staff networks (March 2019).

beverley powell kulvant sandhu 1.jpg

Image: Beverley Powell with Kulvant Sandhu, Chair of Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust BAME Staff Network (March 2019).

Beverley Powell, Development Manager (Building Leadership for Inclusion, Talent Management)