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Group coaching for patient engagement leaders

25 September 2019


The NHS Leadership Academy has commissioned a two-day development programme for managers who have responsibility for patient engagement for their organisation in the context of the NHS. The programme is highly interactive throughout. Table coaches will work with groups of 6 participants as they share their goals, swap their experiences and develop their strategies for the future.

When and where will it take place?

The programme will be taking place 9 and 10 December in Leeds (venue to be confirmed).

Why do we need trained coaches?

The role of the table coach is to encourage the participants’ resourcefulness, self-confidence and self-awareness and challenge their self-limiting beliefs, while recognising, and respecting the journey that most of them will have experienced to get to this point. This is not easy. The training that coaches undergo through ILM 3 and ILM 5 (or equivalent), provides a toolkit for dealing with many of the issues that will arise. Experience of group coaching is not required as the facilitators will provide support.

What will you get out of the experience?

The course is facilitated throughout by two experienced and highly qualified coaches, who regularly train and supervise others. You will have plenty of support and feedback throughout. You will receive a certificate to confirm your participation and you will be provided with written feedback on your reflections after the event, if you so wish. Reasonable travel expenses will be paid.

For further information and to express your interest

Contact Rachel Hawley