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Return to Work mentoring programme

Date: 19 June 2019

Time: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Duration: 8 hours

Venue: The NHS Leadership Academy, Leeds


Coaching & Mentoring

Leadership Dimensions:

Return to Work mentoring programme

After taking a period of extended leave, transitioning back into a role within a complex and changeable system can be a challenging, confusing and lonely process. To support this journey, we are offering you the exciting opportunity to attend an experiential learning event to learn more about Return to Work Mentoring.

The programme will be delivered in partnership with Charmaine Kwame, Senior National Programme Lead for Coaching & Mentoring at the NHS Leadership Academy and Nicki Seignot, Leadership Coach, Author and Return to Work Mentoring subject matter expert at Parentmentor.

During this learning event you will gain a deep insight into this specialised area of mentoring as well as developing your own mentoring skills, focusing on themes of return to work transitions. You will gain an understanding of how to work within your organisation to create an internal capacity for return to work mentors, share your own insights and learn from other professionals. You will also have the opportunity to hear firsthand about the return to work mentee lived experience.

Invitation to take part

The NHS Leadership Academy invites registered/ accredited mentors or any NHS staff member who is interested in supporting their colleagues’ journey back into work after a period of extended leave.

For further information and to apply for a place

See the NHS Leadership Academy website.