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Reciprocal Mentoring Programme Cohort 2

Date: 05 November 2019

Time: 09:00 AM to 04:30 PM

Duration: 1 day 7 hours 30 minutes

Venue: The Marriott, Leeds


Development Programme

Leadership Dimensions:

Reciprocal Mentoring Programme Cohort 2

Despite efforts, the NHS continues to experience challenges in achieving its aspirations to increase the representation of under-represented groups in senior roles and embed inclusive leadership capabilities. Yorkshire and the Humber Leadership Academy are inviting local NHS organisations to participate in a Reciprocal Mentoring Programme to support the progress of this agenda.

This is a two-day workshop aimed at NHS managers and leaders who have a responsibility for making cultural change.

Programme Objectives:

  • Create a safe learning relationship for mutual learning about Reciprocal Mentoring, Inclusive Leadership and Culture Change.
  • Prepare participants with the skills to Implement a Reciprocal Mentoring Programme to optimise the career development of the under-represented groups in their workplace and build inclusive leadership capabilities.

Invitation to take part

Use the link above to express your interest. 

After submission of your expression of interest in the link above we will contact you to undertake the following activities;


      • Complete and submit an organisational readiness check list designed by the workshop facilitators (this must be completed to secure your place on the programme).

To achieve maximum benefits from this workshop it is important that you can demonstrate the following:


      • You are employed by the NHS
      • Open to any NHS staff of any protected characteristic.
      • Ability to attend the pre-workshop webinar and both workshop days.
      • Assurance and sponsorship at Board level to implement a Reciprocal Mentoring programme to increase the representation of under- represented groups in senior roles and inclusive
      • Leadership capability within your organisation.
      • That your organisation has an existing Diversity Strategy/ Talent Management strategy.

Maximum places are limited to 16.

For further information

Contact Amy Makler