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Leadership Masterclass: SUMO (Stop, Understand, Move On)

Date: 08 January 2020

Time: 09:00 AM to 04:30 PM

Duration: 7 hours 30 minutes

Venue: The Source Skills Academy, Sheffield


Leadership Skills Development

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Leadership Masterclass: SUMO (Stop, Understand, Move On)

SUMO has been used extensively around the world. It equips people with the insights, inspiration and practical tools to achieve better results in life, whilst having more fun in the process.

It’s an acronym that depending on the context can stand for ‘Shut Up, Move On’ or ‘Stop, Understand, Move On’. Interestingly, in Latin, SUMO can mean ‘Choose’ and at the heart of our work, is a desire to help people make wise and better choices – not only in their professional lives, but their personal lives also.

We invite leaders at all levels to join this popular, high energy masterclass hosted by 'the SUMO guy', Paul McGee and explore: 

  • How the SUMO (Stop, Understand, Move On) approach will help people deal positively with change.
  • What factors impact people’s ability to deal with change and why people can have a natural in-built bias to resist change.
  • Understanding the ‘Elastic Band Theory’ and why people vary in how they handle change.
  • Recognising the importance of self-reflection and taking time to get off autopilot.
  • Introduction to ‘Mindset Matters’
  • How to handle setbacks and recover from disappointments.
  • Exploring why it’s OK to not always feel OK.
  • How to avoid wallowing for too long and develop the resilience to move on from setbacks.
  • Seizing the day. Turning good intentions into specific actions.

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