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Developing your coaching model CPD Session with Anthony Owens

Date: 12 November 2019

Time: 09:00 AM to 04:30 PM

Duration: 7 hours 30 minutes

Venue: HEE building, Willow Terrace Road, Leeds


Coaching & Mentoring

Leadership Dimensions:

Developing your coaching model CPD Session with Anthony Owens

This coaching CPD session is funded by Yorkshire and the Humber Leadership Academy, for qualified coaches (to ILM level 5 or equivalent) who work in the NHS and public sector in our region with an active my e-coach account. 

Most coaches train and practice in ways that their coach training and tutors modelled to them. This becomes embedded as coaching norms and accompanying assumptions of what is right / wrong, good or bad in coaching. In contrast EMCC’s competencies encourage practitioners to develop their personal coaching model. This reflects the constructivist principles that underpin coaching as well as principles of diversity and inclusion.

Currently there are few frameworks and programmes that support coaches in this journey. Our workshop builds on the work of Dianne Lennard to offer a framework for model development and supporting disciplines that go beyond traditional reliance on supervision to encourage diversity and professionalism in coaching.

Aims and objectives

  • Challenge implicit notions of right and wrong in coaching in favour of an appreciation of core ethics and diversity in coaching.
  • Introduce the concept of coaching model and disciplines that support development of the coach’s diversity and its expression in their coaching model.
  • Raise awareness of and explore your coaching model and its implications for practice.
  • Experience alternative models that might elaborate or consolidate your coaching model.
  • Introduce a framework for ongoing inquiry and development for your coaching model and practice as a coach

About the Facilitator

Anthony Owens' coaching approach is to work systemically with what matters to you. Invariably this benefits you, your role your organisation and work life balance. “If your working world is a whirlwind of different issues in a spin around you, Anthony can help you calm it down, lay it out and decide what matters and what doesn’t. He’s dead easy to talk at. He listens really hard and he remembers. Coaching with Anthony is fun. He helps you lift big weights off your shoulders.”  (Coaching Client – Medical Director)

Anthony has extensive leadership and team coaching experience working with executives, clinical and operational leaders in often challenging contexts. As an organisational development consultant he has worked with organisations to incorporate coaching and system leadership principles into structures, processes and relationships that support good governance. This includes bespoke development programmes for senior leaders, redesigning development processes and training coaches and wider workforces to use coaching approaches in everyday interactions including those with the public.

In 2017 Anthony worked with a service experiencing significant internal conflict and adverse regulator feedback, working as a coach and developing systemic leadership capability. In 2018 the service had an award winning leadership team, a healthy team environment and the confidence of its regulators.

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