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Coaching NHS Leaders in a VUCA world

Date: 22 May 2019

Time: 08:30 AM to 01:00 PM

Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes

Venue: Radisson Blu, Leeds


Coaching & Mentoring

Leadership Dimensions:

Coaching NHS Leaders in a VUCA world

Leaders at all levels within the NHS (but particularly at senior levels) are experiencing the disorientation of needing to lead in an environment characterised by ever greater levels of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). Leader’s discomfort will be in part, brought about by the realisation that their previously successful strategies for leadership and management no longer provide the impact they once did despite their years of experience and acquired knowledge.

The characteristics of a VUCA environment invites a step change in the way leaders lead; to think differently, engage differently, to act differently and consequently show up differently. This necessitates a change in a leader’s ‘way of being’ to move from being an ‘heroic’ leader to a ‘host’ or in other words “leaders as facilitators and supporters, rather than experts and authorities.” This can only be attained by leaders “learning what cannot be taught”; by them ‘waking up’, ‘growing up’ and ‘cleaning up’ to ‘show up’ differently. This workshop explores the required shifts that all leaders in the NHS will need to make if they are to navigate this complex and uncertain leadership space and how coaches can support that transition.

Invitation to take part

We invite our public sector colleagues to join us for this workshop which will be of interest not just to those who coach NHS leaders, but to leaders as well. It will comprise elements of tutorial, discussion and exercises. It combines both the practicalities, as well as the theoretical underpinnings of leading in a VUCA world and coaching leaders experiencing VUCA.

Aims and objectives

Those attending the workshop will leave with:

  • a roadmap of what leadership development looks like for leaders in VUCA environments
  • a strong understanding of VUCA systems and specifically how they impact leadership
  • a clarity of the leadership and coaching challenges which arise from VUCA
  • how coaches and leaders can utilise the elements of ‘waking up’, ‘growing up’, ‘cleaning up’ and ‘showing up’ to address this leadership gap.

About the Facilitator

Baz Hartnell is a Master Coaching Practitioner with 15 years coaching experience in the NHS and wider public sector. With Masters degrees in both Coaching and Development (MSc) and Business Administration (MBA), he brings a practical and leading edge focus to his clients. His MSc dissertation focused on how developmental coaching helps managers become system leaders. He was a member of the NHS Leadership Academy Coaching Register for all 15 years of its existence and is now part of the NHS Leadership Academy Faculty. In addition he is a member of the NHS England coaching register, as well as a member of the Senior Civil Servants coaching register. As well as undertaking executive coaching, he coaches NHS Boards and Senior Management Teams across the health system.

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