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Communities of Practice support

We fund and coordinate the Co-Creation Network, supporting health and care Communities of Practice to flourish across the NHS, health and care professionals, academics, service users and the charity sector and to share their knowledge in a safe, open and supportive way. 

Anyone with a passion for improving patient care can join, and membership of the Co-Creation Network is free.



Communities of Practice (CoPs) are a great way to bring together people from different organisations and walks of life, with different skills and perspectives to approach issues together and allow thinking space.

The Co-Creation Network helps people to use this methodology to further improve the health and care areas they are passionate about, providing assistance with how to set up a CoP, having virtual conversations, saving your own resource library and generating new practice that can really make a difference.

How to join the Network

Network-wide events called Basecamps are held twice a year to support members and bring in experienced Communities of Practice leaders to give their wisdom.

All are welcome to join the Co-Creation Network!

For further information

Contact Lucy Scarisbrick