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From 2014-19 we funded and coordinated the Co-Creation Network, supporting health and care Communities of Practice to flourish across the NHS, and joining up health and care professionals, academics, service users and the charity sector and to share their knowledge in a safe, open and supportive way. 



Communities of Practice (CoPs) are a great way to bring together people from different organisations and walks of life, with different skills and perspectives to approach issues together and allow thinking space.

The Co-Creation Network helped people to use this methodology to further improve the health and care areas they are passionate about, providing assistance with how to set up a CoP, having virtual conversations, saving resources and generating new practice that can really made a difference.

The framework provided by us took the form of network-wide events hosted twice a year, plus a dedicated website to encourage online conversations and resource sharing and social media support through Twitter chats and further sharing of knowledge beyond the network members.

In 2019, the website was taken offline and useful learning shared through this website instead - see the archive here.

Following conversations with network members, we decided that to continue supporting Communities of Practice through workshops exploring the theory behind them, and equipping participants to use this way of collaborative working in their own setting, to improve patient care.

The first workshop is due to start in March 2020, further details can be found on our events page

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