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Booking Terms and Conditions

In most if not all instances, attendance at a programme, event or workshop run by Yorkshire and the Humber Leadership Academy (YHLA), is at no cost to the participant with places fully funded by us. This cancellation policy has been created to ensure this public funding is used efficiently and responsibly. 

In registering your attendance at a YHLA event you agree to abide by our cancellation policy as detailed below. This will ensure that our events can run as planned, successfully and at capacity to ensure value for money. In letting us know that you are unable to attend in good time (at least two weeks prior to the event date), we can offer your place to a waiting list we may hold for the event or re-advertise its availability. 

We understand that cancelling at short notice is sometimes unavoidable. However, your commitment to attending the event is crucial to the overall success and outcome of our events, as well as to your own development.   

In all instances we are happy to work with you, to make sure that you get the best out of the events YHLA offer, and to make sure that all our NHS colleagues can take advantage of our development activity. 

How to make a cancellation 

Please notify us of your cancellation via email to leadershipenquiries.yh@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk.  

We will acknowledge the cancellation date as the date of request by the participant, via email to the address listed above.

If you are unable to attend your event, you may be able send a substitute participant if they meet the programme criteria for the event. In most cases, substitutions can be made up to and including the day of the event. 

Cancellation and non-attendance

Withdrawal of interest is classed as a cancellation more than four working weeks in advance of the event. It also includes withdrawal of application forms or expressions of interest forms / emails.  

A cancellation is classed as removal of registration from an event, and where YHLA is informed four working weeks in advance of the event.  

A late cancellation is classed as removal of registration from an event, and where YHLA is informed less than 4 working weeks in advance of the event, up to and including the working day before the event is due to take place.  

Non-attendance is classed as a participant not attending on the day of the event without any prior notification to YHLA that they are unable to make it, and without the provision of a suitable substitute the participant has sourced to take their place.  

Should a participant attend less than the full length of the event due to late arrival or early departure and does not inform YHLA in advance that this is the case, this will be classed as non-attendance of the programme and the sponsoring organisation will be notified.  

Where a programme requires full attendance over a series of workshops, attendance at all elements of these programmes is expected. Failure to attend all sessions will have an impact on both personal development and programme delivery and will impact on the individual’s opportunity to access any future development offers.  

Penalties for non-attendance 

Non-attendance, where the participant fails to attend an event without notification prior to the day of the event the penalty is fixed at £100, and where no reasonable explanation for non-attendance has been supplied either by the participant or their sponsoring organisation within three working days of the event taking place. 

Reasonable explanations for non-attendance include ill health, unexpected carers’ duties, localised adverse weather conditions affecting travel, emergencies. 

The sponsoring organisation will be notified of non-attendance by us. Should a participant fail to attend two events without notification prior to the day of the event, the YHLA team will notify them that any further non-attendance will result in access to all YHLA offers being removed for one year. Therefore, failure to attend three events will result in access to offers being removed and the sponsoring organisation being notified of the action. 

For further information

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