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Building Leadership for Inclusion

Building Leadership for Inclusion (known as BLFI) is a ten year strategy that has been designed to help develop inclusive leadership across the NHS. BLFI forms part of the Developing People - Improving Care framework, (DPIC) and aims to improve the current culture and to improve inclusive leadership across the wider system.

"The NHS is committed to making substantial progress in ensuring that the boards and leadership of the NHS organisations better reflect the diversity of the local communities they serve, and that the NHS provides supportive and non-discriminatory ladders of opportunity for all its staff including those from black and minority ethnic backgrounds." 

(Five year forward view, 2014)

BLFI has three key strategic objectives:

  1. Raise the level of aspiration on inclusion
  2. Ensure that leadership is equipped to achieve and leave an ever increasing and sustainable legacy of inclusion
  3. Quicken the pace of change towards inclusion

We support these aims through the design and delivery of several leadership and development interventions including:

  • System Culture Change: Reciprocal Mentoring
  • Regional Leadership: BAME Staff Network Development day
  • Resourceful and Resilient Change Makers Programme
  • RADAR Network and workshop series
  • Regional membership of the national group: Power of Staff Networks

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Contact Beverley Powell or Amy Makler